Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jan. 27: Happy Diner

Perhaps it is time for me to rename my blog - I am clearly not running "intensely" and there is definitely a baby focus right now...but would you rather see little Mason or heart rate graphs and talk of VDOT's and intervals?

That is what I is the little guy trying to have a little burp after dining at mommy's all you can eat buffet.

ps - Steeeeve, Starbucks has yet to offer something as delicious as mommy's latte...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jan. 26: Sound of Music

There is a new sound of music playing in our is like satellite radio - non-stop and commercial-free.

To be honest Mason is generally very content throughout the day. He really wakes up from 9pm-1am. We are hoping that his circadian rythyms will change soon to something a little more human.

After 72 hours he has lost 10.8% of his birth weight which has us a little concerned (he is now 7lbs 1oz). He has been feeding really well this past 24 hours so we hope that we will get some good news today when we go to get him checked up again. We are taking him in everyday until his feeding and weight start to stabalize.

A little later he might go for his first Starbucks coffee with Grandpa. Get 'em hooked young...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jan. 23: Mason Levi

This is one of those posts where I really do not need to say anything...

Mason Levi - 1 Hour Old

Mason Levi - 3 Hours Old

ps - Mommy and baby are doing excellent. Mason Levi was born at 10:07am on Saturday, January 23, 2010. He weighed 7lbs15ozs and is ~ 22 inches long. Daddy could not be more proud of both of them.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jan. 20: 41 weeks and counting...

Today we went to the hospital for Jennie's 41 week ultrasound. The point of this ultrasound is to make sure that the baby is still healthy and thriving. If the answer is no, then induction is seriously discussed. If the answer is yes, then you keep waiting. We are still waiting...

Infact, the doctor said the baby is doing perfectly well and is perfectly happy hanging out (in?) with mom. The tech also took a few measurements to estimate the baby's weight. Let's just say that poor Jennie has a little (big?) tank growing inside her right now. After hearing the estimated weight of the baby I have noticed a heightened level of fear and a tremble in her voice.

I told her that she should also ask what the diameter of the baby's head will be too because I imagine that will be pretty significant information for her to know as well. Given the estimated weight of the baby I can only imagine how much of that is certified Minken Melon. Strangely she did not seem to think that was quite as funny as I did...

In light of all this new information, we are not sure how this baby can possibly make it through the front door. The sunroof might be the only option!

The highlight for me was seeing an image of the baby's face. You could see the little pudgy cheeks, pug nose, and just a little bit of hair growing. Jennie thinks that the baby looks like me. I guess we will just have to wait a little longer to find out.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jan. 19: What's New...?

I arrived back in Calgary on Saturday, January 16 just in time (for the baby?) to take Jennie out for the 'last supper'. I thought it would be nice to take my lady out for a date before having to worry about baby sitters or sucking up to the grandparents and in-laws for free child care.

Since my arrival we have just been passing time waiting for the baby. We have gotten no end of advice as to how to induce labor. So we have been taking vigorous walks, eating spicy food, and...ahem...ahem...but still nothing. Our time to be alone together is growing longer everyday. Not that that is a bad thing, it just means one less day that daddy gets to spend with baby. :(
We have played a few games (Schottentoten).
We saw the 2010 Vancouver Olympic mascots as the Olympic torch passed through Calgary. This is me with Quatchi at the Olympic Plaza.
And here I am getting ready to strut with Miga.
Miga and I dancing down Stephen Avenue Mall together.
As a side note, I have to say Miga was certainly my favorite mascot. Originally (on paper) I liked Quatchi the best but after seeing his costume I am not at all impressed. He looks like a hairy ghost from pack-man. The costume looks like shag carpet draped over a giant egg. Whereas I thought Miga was really cute.
While walking home from the festivities we enjoyed the Olympic torch that was lit on top of the Calgary Tower. This torch was lit every day during the Calgary Olympics in 1988 so it was really neat to see it lit up again.
We also enjoyed Jennie's first serious contraction. There was only one, but at least I finally feel that we are starting to move in the right direction!
We will keep you posted (hopefully sooner than later)....

Monday, January 11, 2010

Jan. 11: Hold....Hold....

Well, if Jennie was going to have the baby without me, I was hoping that it would be today. Why? Because I love the way the date looks when you write it. 01/11/10. But, now that this day has come and gone (well almost, but I am rounding up) I just hope Jennie and baby can hold on for just a few more days...(Think Braveheart and his army with large wooden sticks vs. a multitude of charging war horses).

ps - I ran 42 miles on the ol' treadmill last week.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan. 9: Great Excuse

Today Jennie informed me that her and the future milk junkie where going to go and get a pedicure. Her and I both agree that it will be best for me to stay "north of the border" during the delivery (being Canadian, this only seems appropriate) yet we both know that we will be looking anxiously and expectedly towards the south during the sweat session.

So what exactly will our vantage point offer? I imagine that I will see a doctor wearing a full face mask, similar to that of a welder, looking back in our general direction (I am hoping that there will not be a lot of small talk because that would just be a little awkard). Then I am hoping everything else is covered (we do want to have another later you know!). But it is possible that her toes might be peeping out from under the covers - thus the importance of getting a pedicure.

So there you have it. That is quite possibly the best excuse I have ever heard from the wife as to why a getting a pedicure is important. Like most discussions with a pregnant woman she, of course, is completely right.

Now I just need her to keep the baby prisoner for one more week. The scene from Wedding Crashers comes to mind...lock it up Jennie.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jan. 3: Restless Night

Do you ever have one of those nights where you are just not comfortable sleeping? Where you are feeling hot and sweaty under the covers but as soon as you pull them off you are freezing? Where nothing you seem to do really seems to help? Where you can feel a little swamp forming around you and soaking into the sheets? And all you want is a little relief?

And then you realize that you have to sneeze. This is your opportunity! You roll onto your back and sneeze with all your might straight up. Moments later you are greeted with a refreshing cool mist raining down upon you. It is pure bliss...ahhhhhhhhhh.

Then you realize that was kind of gross and that your butt is still sweating.

If only I could sneeze again....

ps - In running news I ran 43 miles this weeks...all on the treadmill. Good times!