Tuesday, July 24, 2007

June 24, 2007: Run For Fun in the Midnight Sun

There are strange things done in the midnight sun by runners who stride for gold
We start this tale on an Arctic trail, but don’t worry it wasn’t too cold;
The Northern Lights were not in sight, but we knew just what to do,
“Let’s go to Mayo!” is what I say o’ “‘til we reach 26.2!”

Now Mayo is a town with ‘bout roun’ 80 sourdoughs* in all.
They were oh so nice, made any sacrifice, and were really on the ball.
They all came out, there wasn’t a doubt they would all run, walk or cheer,
But there were many more who came there for the experience of the year!

It should be said, that with stars o’erhead is when this race did start,
“Race starts at midnight, you heard me right that’s when you will depart!”
We start this run with the blast of a gun, and a warning to watch for bears,
There was only 1, but oh what fun, it just greeted us with stares.

We ran out, then back, so I could plan my attack of the runner in the lead,
He wasn’t far, it shouldn’t be har’ I just needed a little more speed.
By the 14th mile I bore a smile…I was actually number 1!
Just 12 more, now let those legs soar and soon I would be done!

It has been told that I can be quite bold and write checks my body can’t cash.
Now what is my fate? I guess I’ll wait and see what I have in stash.
Despite my fear, that check did clear as I crossed the line past 3,
And that wife of mine just ran divine and was the first gal that you’d see.

Now what made this race capture a special place in the bottom of my heart?
Was that my parents were there and with their gray hair had their first half-marathon start
They did so well, but how I dwell on what an experience this was for all,
And despite the hills and amazing thrills, none of us hit “the wall”!

Jennie and I finished top girl and guy so I guess what they say is true
Find a small race, then set your pace and victory may come to you!
So thanks again, my dear friend for listening to my tale,
We had great fun in the midnight sun in the arctic town of Mayo!

*A ‘Sourdough’ is what someone from the Yukon is called.

David & Jennie waiting to start (11:58 pm)

David leading the "pack" - mile 24. Just passed mom and dad on the home stretch of their half-marathon.

Jennie - 1st woman!

David, mom, and dad warming up with some home cooked soup.