Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dec. 29: Time Flies

Can you believe that it was a decade ago that Prince blessed us with the last big hit of the millenium (and arguably the best party phrase) as he taught us how to "party like it's 1999"? Despite all fears that our computerized world was going to melt down and cease to exist as we knew it, we partied anyhow and have lived to tell our tale.

Now here we are 10 years later and I must take a moment to reflect on all that has happened in this relatively short time frame. I do not want to dwell on things - I would just like to provide a quick flipbook, if you will, of some highlights from 2000-2010. The rule is that each year gets one sentence.

2000: Graduated from university for the first time.
2001: Dropped out of university for the first time and road-tripped across USA to see the lady for her birthday - realized our relationship might be serious.
2002: Got engaged.
2003: Graduated from university again, got married, and moved to Texas.
2004: Spent Thanksgiving remembering the Alamo.
2005: Ran first marathon
2006: Started working with current employer because I wanted to see the world.
2007: Became a Yukon Sour-Toe, crossed the the most northern border between USA and Canada, and swam with the turtles in Hawaii.
2008: Moved to Paris and ran marathon PR.
2009: Got pregnant (well not me - but I have been putting on the sympathy weight), survived living in the woods with the boys, and moved to Nigeria.
2010 (sneak peak): Become a dad!

There you have it! Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season!


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dec. 27: Vivid dream and a little running

I had the most vivid dream on Christmas Eve. I dreamt that I was logging on to my email and I saw that I received an email from my lady. The subject of the email was, "So the baby is scheduled". I opened the email and read, "We are going in to have the baby on January 18 at 3- to 4- pm."

Since I will not be arriving home until January 16 (and the baby is due on January 12) perhaps it is my sub-conscieous trying to will the baby to stay a little longer with mommy before I get home? (Jennie says that she is going to keep her legs crossed until I get home. I told her that if she kept her legs crossed in the first place then, perhaps, we would not be in this situation to begin with...!) Or perhaps I have crazy pyschic abilities?! I guess we will know in a few weeks!

In other news I have actually done some running outside this past week. I am still trying to decide what I hate the least. The overwhelming heat and humidity of running outside in Nigeria, or the mind-numbing process of running on the treadmill. Anything that breaks up the daily routine of living in a "secure" (hmmmm....gaurded anyhow) place is good I suppose.

I am authorized to do outdoor activity on Banana Island. It is almost exactly a 4 mile loop. I did 4 miles yesterday and 6 today. It has been a while since I have lived in Houston and my body is not at all used to working in these weather conditions. Well, who am I kidding - my body really isn't used to working at all these days!

And here it is...(oh my goodness I thought he lost it)...a garmin image of my run today!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dec. 23: Man Up

Hmmm....if I am going to be a dad that any kid will actually take seriously, I better stop crying while watching movies such as Rocky Balboa....

ps - Jennie is now full term! The baby is now just getting fat, growing hair, and chillaxing in his/her own personal VIP area.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dec. 20: Dear Baby

Dear Baby,

I have not yet met you, but I miss you deeply. Is it possible to miss someone that you have never met?

I have talked to you. You have heard my voice (hopefully over the hum of all of your mother's internal organs and internal processes). I have heard your heartbeat. I sounds strong and vibrant, just like daddy's. But I still wait anxiously for you to have a voice in the world. I cannot wait until you can talk to me. Before that day, I cannot wait to hear whatever gurgles and gargles that you want to share.

Dear Baby,

You are already acting up. You are supposed to be "in place" by now. Your head is supposed to be down and you are supposed to be getting ready for your first ever journey. You will not be going far but for me it will be the most important journey of your life.

Instead of having your head down, you are a little lop-sided and your butt is sticking out and creating a little bulge in your mom's belly. If you ever get mad at me for disciplining you later in life, just remember that your mom was the first to spank you regularily.

Dear Baby,

I apologize for not being able to call you by your name yet. Your mommy and I do not know yet if you are going to be a girl or a boy. Mommy wants a surprise and daddy wants whatever mommy wants.

Based on our difficulty in determining baby names, your mommy and I think that you will be a boy. We had no difficulty in coming up with a girl's name. Infact, we knew what it would be since this past summer. The boys name has been more problematic. For this reason we believe you will be a boy.

Dear Baby,

Please keep your mom company for 4 days after you are supposed to enter this world. I will not be there to join you both until then. If you can do that for me I will not pester you for the first year of your life to say "daddy" before you say "mommy".

Although I am telling you to wait I really wish you would not. I cannot wait to see you.

Your daddy.