Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feb. 23: I thought I was coming down with something...

...but it turns out that I am just eating a lot of fibre.

I blame Patience (aka Precious). She has been doing all of my grocery shopping for the last little while and I have pretty much given her free reign to buy whatever she wants. She has a general idea of the types of things that I like. The trade-off between getting a few surprises in the fridge vs. wasting a Saturday afternoon in a sweaty market shopping is worth it.

Now I know that amongst several (all?) of you that I have a reputation as being an eater. JD tells me that it goes straight to my ass and having to lug it all around a marathon course is what slows me down. Apparently Patience thinks I am quite the eater as well - she went shopping today. Upon returning home from work I was greeted with an entire fruit and vegetable section in my refrigerator.

And beside the fridge I have all the stuff that could not fit in the fridge.

Let me just take a second to highlight some of the things that you may or may not have missed from the above pictures: 2 coconuts, head of cauliflower, 2 heads of broccoli, 3 heads of lettuce, enough oranges and grapefruit to prevent scurvy for entire armies camped out in winter, 2 pineapples (+ 1/2 of another already cut up in a tupperware), 4 mangos, 2 dozen tomatoes, a dozen pears, 8 apples, a dozen plums, a batch of grapes, a sack full of potatoes, 4 croissants, a jumbo loaf of bread, and a 2 foot long fish. I am sure that I missed something but I think you get the idea.

At least I am eating good food...right?!

Hold that thought...I got to go to the bathroom.

Ok where was I? Oh yes, I also wanted to mention that I met up with the Lagos Hash House Harriers last night and got in 4.25 miles. To be honest, I have always avoided the Hash because it has never really sounded like my thing. And I am still not sure that it is my thing. I am just happy to be running with others.

They were a great group of people and I enjoyed myself but I find that there is a lot of wasted time. What happened to the days of showing up, running, then meeting at Panera Bread when you are done (if nothing else just to make a public appearance in your short shorts)? But with the Hash it takes all night just to run 4.25 miles. If I were anywhere else in the world I probably would be bothered by that. Since I have nothing better going on, I think I shall make a habit out of meeting them.

Today I hit the treadmill for 7 miles (or 1 1/2 episodes of Heroes).

I am off to the bathrooom again - have a good day!


Jennie said...

Whoa! I wonder how much she'll buy once Mason and I arrive. You could go street side and have your own little oyibo market!
Good to see your eating so healthy!

Anonymous said...

Fruit/Vegetable fast anyone?
Where is the vitamix when you need it? mm

Steeeve said...

What happened to the days of showing up, running, then meeting at Panera Bread when you are done?

Dude, bad news - The Panera Bread on Hwy 6 has been closed for a few months now. We go to a variety of places after runs now, lead case is Southern Maid donuts in the Sam's Strip center, but it's just not the same.

Anonymous said...

I think you need a Jack LaLanne juicer!

Cousin-in-law Michelle

Derek Vandivere said...

Well, welcome to the hash!nbI do hope you were forced to have a down down for measuring the course so precisely.

If you're doing serious training, it's best to think of the hash as an off-day kind of run. It's really all about the camaraderie, not so much the running.

Cheers and On On,
Derek / Missing Link
Amsterdam H3