Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feb. 21: Why is there so much crime?

Of all the places that I have ever lived I have never seen such a place like Lagos when it comes to religion - in particular Christianity. Everywhere you look you will see bible verses painted on cars, trucks, boats, sides of buildings...well pretty much anywhere. (Actually that also reminds me of when I lived in Missouri and saw "Jesus" signs everywhere). At the workplace you hear a lot of mention of God and Jesus and people are not shunned or discouraged from bringing their religion into the office (as is the case in North America). If something good happens you are told to praise Jesus. (The only time you see someone praising Jesus in the American workplace is if you consider the NBA or NFL a "workplace" and a player (i.e. a "worker) pounds his right arm across his chest before shooting it to the sky while nodding his head in thanks. I have often wanted to do this after a sweet PowerPoint presentation before spiking my notepad on the ground but I digress).

People are named Sunday to celebrate the fact that they were born on God's day. Speaking of Sunday, it is a pretty special day because EVERYone goes to church. In fact, this is the only day that it is recommended that I can drive on my own - the roads are completely empty (unless you drive past a church).

Sure, I have experienced many of these things in other countries as well but not to the same magnitude as I see here in Nigeria. This brings me to the title of this blog - by all appearances this is the most Godly place I have ever lived in so why do I have to be escorted by an armed gaurd? Furthermore, why do I keep getting emails offering me financial windfalls if I help some Nigerian prince transfer his funds he just recieved by pillaging a new country or something?

I am sure the answer is something simple. All the locals that I know have jobs and are gainfully employed. It stands to reason that the majority of my impressions of the locals are formed by them. I am sure that there are a few sketchy characters amongst the ~10 million inhabitants who have learned how to cash a ransom cheque with little difficulty. My random thought of the day while swerving back 'n forth across two lanes of road today because I had it all to myself. But if anyone were to ask - I was just warming my tires - Nascar style.

I ran 35 miles this week - 27 on the treadmill. I finished the week by running 10 miles today, which is huge for me because I have not done a double digits day in an eon. To break it up I ran 4 miles outside (at lunchtime in the heat and decided that was completely stupid) then came home and did 6 on the treadmill.


Pony and Petey said...

Just cause you can "talk the talk" doesn't necessarily mean that you "walk the walk". WAY too much talking about God and Jesus and church and then not living it. Really does ALOT of damage = (

This is one area where I work very hard to make my words and actions line up in my life and I acknowledge that I fail miserably all too often = ((

double-sad-smiley face on that one

Thanks for the good post...glad you had fun driving Nascar-style!

Steeeve said...

Great topic. Actually came up in a discussion this weekend centered around people coming up with creative ways to continue to humiliate Tiger Woods. Seems to me, independent of how you feel about his apology on Friday, that that's just not the right thing to do.

Cheers, Steve

PS - been catching up with Andrew quite frequently as of late. Beware, he's in full, smokin' JD training mode :-0

Anonymous said...

Why indeed? To 'get religion' is to work hard at being good enough for when the 'roll up yonder is called'. To take Christianity is to take the free gift of salvation that God offers us through Jesus when he took all of our sins on the cross. It is only though the righteousness of Christ we can stand before a perfect God. This gives us a desire to form a relationship with the God of love, grace and mercy rather than to follow a religion. May it be reflected in our lives. mm

Pony and Petey said...

Whoa...TOTALLY agree with Anonymous!! Very well said, Anon...or is it Mous?

Excited about cheering you and JD on at Boston in a bit!!